Welcome to Folkestone Karate Club

Folkestone Karate Club, originally Park Farm Karate Club held at Park Farm Primary School, is one of the long standing karate clubs that has been established in Folkestone for over 10 years. The club is well supported by its members and has produced some very fine brown and black belts and international tournament competitors.

The classes are traditional, disciplined and serious with a very positive attitude towards the student, but we make the classes fun, friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

There is a good mixture of karate students at the club, boys, girls, teenagers and men and women, from new and novice students, as well as many black belts that train here on a regular basis.

The classes are structured following a kyokushin grading syllabus and also very practical incorporating all aspects of karate: - Self defence, kata, karate techniques, fitness and stamina, flexibility, awareness and confidence building, earning coloured karate belts, bag work, non-contact karate sparring, full-contact karate sparring, kick boxing.

Children and adult karate classes are held in the studio at the Pent Valley Leisure Centre. It is a superb training facility for karate, which has a sprung floor, mirrored walls and air conditioning. There are also good changing facilities at the centre.

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