Syllabus / Grading

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Our gradings are held at regular 3 monthly intervals, giving our students the best chance possible to work through their grades and different coloured belts. In these gradings we test fitness, stamina, technique and knowledge of all aspects of Kyokushin karate.


Our junior students grade separately and get the chance to gain special awards for effort and knowledge, giving them that extra little incentive to train harder.

A silver award is given to a few students who maybe stand out or have shown something special, this is shown on their grading certificate and also a silver stripe that can be sown onto their belt.

A gold award is a very rare award given to students who have shown something very special. This award is only given out for exceptional reasons.

Brown / Black Belts

Our brown and black belts grade in a separate grading every 6 months. These gradings are longer, tougher and have a set number of contact fights for each grade at the end just to push the student that little bit more. For our black belts there is also a mandatory wood break.

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